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Torro Froms - The free WordPress form builder

Get the mighty and easy form builder for WordPress!

New Form Builder

WordPress look&feel

Unlike other WordPress form builders, our form builder does not do it's own way of user interface. It perfectly integrates into WordPress.


Extend Torro Forms or access it's data by using Torro Forms API. Extend it easily with classes or use our torro() function for super fast programming in PHP Storm.

It's free!

The complete code of Torro Forms is free open source and available at GitHub. You are invited to develop with us or to submit bugs, ideas and so on.

Torro Forms - Key features & highlights

Drag & Drop elements

Drag elements into your working area and edit them. Look and feel of the form builder are the similar to what you would expect from WordPress.


Use our built-in actions like page redirections to show your message or send out emails to notify users, yourself or others.



Every element that can be evaluated, for example a multiple choice field, can be displayed as bar charts and will help you analyze your submissions.

Excel & CSV exports

Export the results of form submissions into as Excel or CSV file. The export can be created from the form overview or in the form builder.

WP CLI support

Use our form builder on the command line. With our build in commands you are able to control Torro forms in the terminal.

Create elements

Enhance your forms further by creating custom elements. Our easy-to-use Elements API makes it possible.

Create actions

Create additional kinds of actions which will be executed whenever the form is submitted successfully by using our Actions API.

Extend more...

Like elements and actions, you can extend our plugin in many other ways too by extending specific PHP classes. It's just like creating widgets in WordPress.

Code completion

Our flexible API was made with developers in mind: The torro() function acts as a root for easy chaining and autocompletion.


Use our REST API endpoints to get and push informations to the formbuilder.

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