Adding extra validations to elements

Sometimes it is required to do your own validations for an element. For example you want to check a bank ideditification code (BIC) or you just want to check if the email-address already exists in the database. For that case we have added the ‘torro_element_type_validate_input’ filter. It gives you the posssibility to check data and…

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Changing the form action url

Sometimes it is necessary to change the action url of the form. For example you need to add some url parameters, you want to post the data to anywhere else or you only want to use an anchor on your page. For that we have created the WordPress filter ‘torro_forms_action_url’. This filter helps you to…

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Torro Forms – New WordPress form builder launched

We are proudly present the Torro Forms form builder for WordPress! After a long way of two years we prodly present our new WordPress form builder Torro Forms. It comes with a lot of base options and base elements for creating forms. Basic functionalities   Form Builder API Also Torro Forms provides a huge developer…

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