Torro Forms 1.0.5 released

We are proud to present the next step in bringing better form builders to the world! Torro Forms version 1.0.5 is out now and ready to download.

  • Enhanced: Email notifications element “all_elements” looking now better
  • Enhanced: Added filter torro_export_value
  • Enhanced: Added actionhooks torro_container_partials_before, toro_container_partials_after
  • Enhanced: Added filters torro_element_type_settings_sections, torro_element_type_settings_fields an element_values_validated
  • Fixed: Added missing object in filters torro_element_input_classes, torro_element_label_classes, torro_element_wrap_classes, torro_element_description_classes and torro_element_errors_classes
  • Fixed: Inserted WordPress password protection query
  • Fixed: Bug on remove_error from submission
  • Fixed: Not shown phone text field in Admin

Changes in version 1.0.5

Download the form builder at the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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