Torro Forms 1.0.0 is out now!

New Form Builder

Here’s a sneak peek of what the new form builder experience looks like.

After years of work, we did it! We are proud to present you the first version stable version of Torro Forms. This is the first version we recommend to use in productive environments. The version comes with a lot of improvements and functionalities and also an easy-to-use interface.

Torro Forms base functionalities

Our idea of Torro Forms is to make it the most complete form builder you can get on All functionalities you need in a form builder should be in the base version. This is a selection of functionalities that the current version supports:

  • Multi-Page Forms,
  • Shortcodes to embed forms and live results,
  • Excel, CSV export,
  • Actions like unlimited email-notifications and redirections,
  • Protectors like Google reCaptcha and honeypot and link counting,
  • Access Controls for visitors, users or by timerange or number of submissions,
  • Evaluators for displaying results with bar, pie or donut charts,
  • WP-CLI commands,
  • REST-API endpoints,
  • Templating of elements,
  • PHP API for developers,
  • and much more.

Download the latest version under or help us to improve the form builder on

Torro Forms for developers

After several conversations with users of Torro Forms and some talks where we presented the form builder in the last year, we decided to make a lot of improvements, refactored and extended the form builder to its current version. We would like to give you the most complete form builder and the best WordPress experience you could get. We made the form builder for end users and tried to keep the UI simple, but we also tried to give the developers as much pleasure for developing for Torro Forms as we could.

For programmers we have have launched the developers ressource on There you can find some tutorials for the base concepts of Torro Forms and also a function reference, based on the PHPDoc annotations of the codebase. We like to help you as much as we can with extending and customizing Torro Forms. If you have questions, just ask us via github. We also have hosted the whole code including further instructions on Github.

And now, enjoy Torro Forms! We would love to hear your feedback! 🙂

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  1. I don't github on 28. May 2018 at 18:22

    Thanks, looks really good.

    First impressions:

    Logic issue: Admin role creates form. Author role can not edit it (good) but can duplicate it (well, maybe that’s a feature) but then not edit it (bad, on the other hand, it would expose data of original form).

    UX issue: How can Admin or Editor change owner (WP user) of a form?

    Concept issue: How can a form – in case it should be only used as shortcode – be not exposed in REST API or via single CPT page? Every form post ID seems to be in REST API, then shows form page

  2. Sven Wagener on 28. May 2018 at 18:29

    Thank you for your feedback! This are really good points! We will discuss the first points you gave and will check the REST API issue.

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