Form Spam Protection with Torro Forms

Your are new to Torro Forms? Torro Forms is a mighty but easy to understand WordPress Form Builder. If you want to try it, download it here.

Torro Forms has several form spam protection options. You can find the spam protectors section within the form editor. Protectors are extendable submodules which allows you to programm your own spam protectors.

Torro Forms has four spam protectors by default. It is Honeypot, Timetrap, Link Count and reCaptcha from Google.

Form Spam Protection with Torro Forms


The honeypot spam protection let stick bots in your form which can not distinguish between a form field which has to be filled out or not. If the honepot is activated, spam bots will get into a trap which humans won’t get in and the form won’t be sent.


Spam bots which coming to your site naturally filling out forms very fast. The most robots are so fast, that they defenetly can be identified as bots. The timetrap spam protector sorts them out and don’t allow them to send the form until an amount of time went.

Link Count

The link count filter let choose you an amount of links which can be set within a submission and filters them out if there are more links than you have allowed.


This is the only 3rd party service we have integrated to Torro Forms. Google reCaptcha is the famous service to prevent spam submissions. Answering questions like “Click all traffic lights” should be known by the wider audience.

Write your own spam protector

The protector module of Torro Forms is extendable by submodules. Submodules are written in PHP. You can add your own protector by extending the protector class. This is an easy example of a protector PHP script. Just extend the Torro Forms protector class and build your own. You just need the functions

  • bootstrap for initializing data,
  • verify_request for do the verifying job after sending the form content
  • and the render_output function which helps you to add code you need in the frontend of the form.

You only have to load the class by loading it in the moment, all needed namespaces and classes are loaded.

Do you want do know more about Torro Forms? We recommend you to take a tour within our video user guide! For developers we recommend the section developer resources.

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