Torro Forms 1.0.6 released

Changed standard export type to one column for choices for better readability in mails
Changed order of reCaptcha to the end of protectors list, because it’s 3rd pary
Added hint if reCaptcha is not configured properly
Moved description before HTML inputs
Added role=”alert” to errors on forms for better accessibility
Added wrapper for buggy filter_input PHP function
Plugin-Lib throws notice for datetime fields
Compact PHP function in PHP 7.3 throws error
Using query to get form url instead of using REQUEST_URI
Switched to plugin-lib of felixarntz repo

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Torro Forms 1.0.5 released

Email notifications element “all_elements” looking now better
Added filter torro_export_value
Added actionhooks torro_container_partials_before, toro_container_partials_after
Added filters torro_element_type_settings_sections, torro_element_type_settings_fields an element_values_validated
Added missing object in filters torro_element_input_classes, torro_element_label_classes, torro_element_wrap_classes, torro_element_description_classes and torro_element_errors_classes
Inserted WordPress password protection query
Bug on remove_error from submission
Not shown phone text field in Admin

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Torro Forms 1.0.4 released

One Choice elements can be exported in one column
Added filter for date format on exporting ‘torro_submission_export_time_format’
Required fields text can now be edited
Changed wrong option name ‘general’ to ‘general_settings’
Only reset form submission errors on submission, not during a regular…
Correctly start PHP session for forms rendered via shortcodes, and in…
Submission Deletion: Cron never runs

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Torro Forms 1.0.3 released

Submissions list table filtering by status or search works correctly again.
Containers, elements, element choices and element settings are deleted correctly in form builder.

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Torro Forms 1.0.1 released

Handle form validation and save errors properly and display according feedback to the user
Ensure metadata is not updated if it has not changed
Adjust PHPCS arguments on Travis-CI
Updated to Plugin lib 1.0.3
Updated WP Coding Standards to use latest stable version
Fix PHPCS failure
Coding standards violations
Don’t throw PHP fatal errors on failures in actions
Incorrect user form submission counts
Ensure array values are inserted as individual form submission values
Show settings screen subtab labels as necessary to have context for the available settings sections
Problems with 0 values in elements with choices

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